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Bob Lubell is president and cofounder of Partners for Christian Media, Inc., a nonprofit ministry that operates J103 Christian Radio in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 
Bob was born in Culver City, California, and raised in Columbus, Ohio, where he was born again at age 15.  Shortly after his conversion, he traveled across the U.S. and overseas with a youth evangelism group, the World Ministry Singers, as a drummer and harmonica player, playing and speaking at schools and churches. 
In the late 1970s Bob attended Lee College (now Lee University) in Cleveland, Tennessee, where he studied Broadcasting/journalism and biblical/historical studies.  In the early ‘80s he became sales manager at one of the first contemporary Christian radio stations in the South, WQNE (Q-98).
Following a successful career in business in the 1980’s and early ‘90s, Bob answered God’s call on his life to begin Partners for Christian Radio in 1992, when he started working as general manager of Christian music station WDRZ.  Partners for Christian Radio acquired WBDX (102.7) in 1995 and WLLJ (103.1) in 1998.  J103 now broadcasting on dual frequencies, 102.7 and 103.1, reaching a population area of approximately 2 million people in four states, as well as a worldwide audience via live Internet streaming on J103.com